Monday, 20 February 2012

3 weeks until a race

Last Friday I made some wholemeal pizza bases, the taste wasn’t overly flattering and certainly didn’t match the experience. Now making bread from scratch is a very time consuming process. Whilst living in the Seychelles we would spend a large percentage of our Saturday kneading, rising, kneading, rising and finally some more kneading, rising and then baking and cooling. With not much to do, apart from relax on the beach for which we would do in between kneads and rises, it was a good way to pass time and was better than purchasing the sorry excuse for bread sold in shops, well shop! So making these bases was great and brought back from memories. The work is always worth it as is the satisfaction of knowing what goes into your product! Unfortunately I didn’t capture any snaps of these bases but this really isn’t a cooking/home baking blog. Very similar to running really, it can be a grind, but the rewards, whatever you are aiming for, make it all the worthwhile.
Another windy, misty run

This is Christchurch
Week was mainly spent on the flat due to our place being painted, having said that I made sure I used the opportunity to get plenty of work on my leg turnover (cadence). The results were positive and I’m very pleased with the numbers too.  Plenty of laps around Hagley Park, which is always great to run around, I feel that as I’ve grown so has my appreciation for such places. Sadly no famous runners spotted this week, unlike a couple of weekends ago when my bro got to run with Nick Willis, Kim Smith, Adrian Blincoe and some other big names in NZ Athletics. How sweet is that? It was great to get some sunshine on my runs towards the end of the week, definitely longed for it after so much in Wanaka. 


Bowenvale Valley

Looking towards harbour

Dry and windy....Christchurch!

So here are the stats for this week:
Avg Distance:12.96 kmAvg
Time:55:14 h:m:s
Count:13 Activities
Distance:162.46 kmTime:12:23:12 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:1,535 m
Avg HR:142 bpm
Calories:9,208 C
Max HR:190 bpm
Avg Elevation Gain:110 m
Max Time:2:00:49 h:m:s

Plenty of things to keep you amused this week again:
North Hagley Park 5km Series (last one)
Ellesmere Road Runners, Leeston
Surf and Turf Series, Corsair Bay
Bedrock 50 Ultra-Marathon: Meant to be an amazing run, tough. Perhaps not one to just turn up and try, pencil it in for next year and train hard!

Work and play hard!

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