Thursday, 21 June 2012


Reading over my previous post I wish I’d, as people say, practiced what I preached. This cliché’ must have been created for heads like me! This is related to my current ‘recovery’ or lack of it! This time last week I was feeling on the mend, top of the world and, or, peachy! Therefore I decided to really up the running and see how well the hip responded. For 55 minutes it was great, after this back to square one. Enough said!

Moving on and a week later! No running, back on the wind trainer, pain killers, stretching and ice! It does feel stronger. But, obviously any nonsense I put in here I’ll not do. Consequently, I will not put any mention of my recovery plans, except I’m about to sit and write down a detailed plan for getting back into running consistently and in the correct fashion (no time frame). Biking and swimming will play a big part but so will patience. After writing this I went to see Bruce Baxter and he videoed my running technique, long story short plenty to work on and improve. I’m excited about this as I have some direction and can look at setting some specific goals. More details to follow on this!!

Biking this time of year is quite hard but necessary clothing does help. Also a wind trainer, MySky (which I don’t have) and the Tour help too. I also found this sweet trailer to a DVD which will also help! 

When I started this blog one of the major reasons was that we knew we were heading back overseas, but were not sure of where to.  Recently this has been decided. Originally, we aimed for Europe and put all of our eggs into the Europe basket. Various things didn’t go our way and thinking about it now I’m satisfied that it didn’t work out, especially given the financial climate and private education really watching their weight, for now anyway. So, as of September we’ll be based in South Korea on Geoje Island. The island is very south and connected to the mainland by two bridges. The closest major city is Busan (sometimes it’s referred to as Pusan) which has an international airport. Running seems ok-which was one of the biggest concerns!!

Okpo, our city for the year

Very exciting weekend of events around NZ and abroad.
Leeston Wednesday Night Road Runners, Leeston, Canterbury.

Golden Mile, part of the Winter Festival

Christchurch: Sunday Mud, sweat and tears

Wellington Sunday: Marathon, Half and 10km
Looks like amazing numbers gathering for a dash around our Capital!

39th Western States 100 miles race (Saturday morning start 5am Pacific US time, so NZ time 1am Sunday morning. Couple of update links are below. Should be great!
One day…..

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