Thursday, 27 March 2014

March 2014

I’ve heard a few runners in the UK talk about ‘mad March’ and I think I understand this reference. March is a little lighter, brighter and dryer (not always the case). Therefore it’s a massive opportunity for people to get out and make as much progress as possible on their feet. All of this aiming towards their goal of a big spring time marathon – London, Paris, Boston and Rome to name only a few of the most popular. My March has been very positive and I’m taking plenty of confidence from it. Hard work of February has really paid off, I’m sure that March’s efforts will show come April the 13th.

First of all I’ve really enjoyed the local races here in Essex and feel that places could learn a lot from the methods applied. First and foremost the size of smaller races has been amazing, but facilities have never lacked. There has also always been a small food set up, all very cheap and for a good cause. I’m looking forward to continuing getting out to some smaller places around the UK, racing and enjoying the local scene.
March has been really productive for running, I set the goal of a PB at Reading and achieved this, managed to run strongly over the Essex 20 mile champs and bring it home first in the Colchester Half.

Essex 20 Mile:

After the run in Reading I was aiming to pace this at goal MP for the whole 20. The day was stunning, around 17 degrees and I went straight into my work from the very outset. The course was three laps, set around rural country roads with a couple of sharp climbs in each lap, nothing too major. I managed to run relatively steady splits throughout the laps to come home in 1.48.27, which crept under the course record by a second - day done, really stoked and job achieved.

Colchester Half Marathon:

I was really confident for this race and wanted to keep the momentum going from the previous fortnight. I’d heard a few bits and pieces about the course, downhill for the first mile and a bit, then sharp climb and steady climb afterwards, continuing to be up and down through the countryside to the finish. We set off at a good clip and I moved towards the front of the pack. We thinned out gradually and I was left with local Colchester legend Adrian Mussett. The support through the town was awesome and it continued throughout the race, even into the quieter rural roads out of the town. Once out of the town I tried to push a couple of the miles and seemed to open up a slight gap on Adrian, although I could still hear the supporters claps between us so thought he wasn’t too far behind me. Not wanting to look back I went through and pushed a hard mile, as I’ve been doing lots of speed work on the road I’ve got a pretty good idea of what speeds I can hold and recover from quite quickly, pushing well through I maintained the pace through to the finish line to come home in first place in 1.09.09. I was super pleased to get the win and still tick off a reasonable time.

So here we are with only 2 weeks left from London. There’s still plenty of work to be done before the 13th and every session I have to look at as a small gain and something positive to be taken from. Every second counts from now on in!   

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