Friday, 20 July 2012

2220 seconds

Progress is being made. Over the weekend I ran for 37 minutes, that’s 2220 seconds. This was pain free and still felt pain free the following day.

Plan has been put into place to get me back fully running by September/October which is super exciting and gives me a target to go for.

Head to the UK at the end of next week, via Australia for a couple of days, and the Olympic planning is in full action. Stoked to see that there are 3 parks (Victoria, Hyde and Regent) that have two large screens playing various events each and every day. The trick is knowing what, when and where. She’s a real planners dream! For the ‘un-ticketed’ (that’s me) this is a real bonus, but there’s also the Kiwi House. Kiwi House will be showing all of the NZ events and for just a small cover charge you can be in the thick of it!

Leaving the home town is always tough but when one door closes another will open. Well, the door to Christchurch will never close as home is still home! From a running point of view this has been the best place to tick off some goals I’ve previously set. From life point of view, despite Mother Nature related incidents, the past 20 months have been outstanding! Now armed with new goals, albeit toned down on the running front, we’re set to taste and soak up all that Korea has to offer….

More to follow shortly!

Few snaps of past weeks, no running ones but keep an eye here for plenty to come!!!


Mid week Kaikoura action

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