Thursday, 13 September 2012


When running I love the routine. I enjoy knowing that today I’ll run after work or tomorrow I’ll get up early and run before work.
Since my injury this has been replaced with the routine of stretches, strengthening and yoga. However, over the past two weeks I’ve been able to start, albeit very delicately, getting back into a running routine. Now, I’ve said this all before and started to get too excited. However, this time has to be different.


Well, for starters I have rested for a full month. Prior to this I only had a week off and never gave the injury an opportunity to fully rest and begin the healing process. During the course of the month I didn’t strengthen the specific area but iced and cared for it. I feel the work I was doing previously did strain the area and cause adverse affects. Live and learn I guess.  But let’s just wait and see how it goes.

So as of the month of September I can sing, shout, scream and shriek that I have completed 7 runs so far, that’s every second day. During the week I have a cozy little 20 minute loop and the weekends I have extended it ever so slightly. All runs have been pain free and slow! I’ll take it though.

So the plan for the rest of the month is to run every other day. If things progress the way they are then I’ll, very gradually, increase the mileage and frequency of running through October. Fingers crossed that this will be the case. And after that I may even look at some races around Korea and Asia!

It has been really difficult getting through this but I hope that the worst is past, for now. Those of you who could be in similar situation or have been, I’m feeling the pain. Feeling the miles that are missed and opportunities gone. However rest, enjoy the time that you don’t have to be getting up at 5 in the morning, but not too much! When that alarm goes off for my first scheduled 4 or 5 am run I’ll be bounding out of that bloody bed!

Enjoy some of Geoje Island’s trail goodness. As the year progresses and my injury improves I’ll be putting up some ore of this jazz!

Run hard

Enjoy some of the local Geoje Island sights!
Main port/harbour area

As above looking towatds the DSME (Daewoo) ship building yard.....massive area!

Local hill looking out onto DSME

Looking inland back towards downtown Okpo

Trails above Okpo, vast network that will be explored

Mt Goksingbo (only 450m+) but solid up and downs to get things warmed up. 2 minutes from our apartment

Looking down onto Okpo, main harbour/ship building on the right of the picture

Koreans love the outdoors. Outdoor gym at the top of the hill...always time for a set.....good times

Looking away from Okpo, further inland (coast is to the left)

Looking out and over Okpo, which is to the right along with the coast

Okpo from our roof top

Roof top, nice apartments!

Rice tea, sunshine and roof top always wins

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