Tuesday, 25 September 2012

One hour

On Sunday I ran for one hour. This would be the first time since about the middle of June. It was off the back of a tricky couple of days that saw my anxiety levels climb through the flipping roof!

So some pain returned on Thursday morning, and I almost felt that I had triggered off another set-back. Panic really did set in as my mind raced to track back anything that I had done out of the ordinary? Stairs at school was an obvious cause of blame but various other things ran through my mind. I struggled to handle the fact that I could be forced to stop running for another month. The thought of purchasing a new bike or getting back into the swimming pool not as appealing as slipping into a pair of shoes for a 30 minute dash. Not by a country mile.

A day passed and improvement was insignificant and with the thought of a run in the morning panic again set in. What do I do? Rest, or risk the run?

I ran.

It was pain free…..stoked.

Ice, stretch, ice, stretch and no run on Saturday.

Saturday evening it was feeling good. Sunday, boom one hour, run was fantastic. Pain free again and best recovery. On reflection I think I slept awkwardly on the injury which probably caused the sudden pain on Thursday morning.

With September nearly concluded it is time for me to begin planning October and perhaps beyond. Last night I dusted off my old training booklet. Back to the last page used, dated June 15th. I got my ruler and ruled up October on the following pages. For me this is very exciting and a moment that I had been thinking about for a while. Now the first few weeks won’t be dramatically different from this month (running every second day). I still feel the need to keep it slow and steady. I haven’t looked at any races for the rest of 2012 but I’ve started to think very seriously about 2013.

An idea for this race has been sitting in my mind for a while, along with plenty of other ones:

Ultra Trail Mt Fuji (Japan): http://www.ultratrailmtfuji.com/en/

So hoping to get out and about more so will provide some images of the good times!

Run and eat well  

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