Sunday, 7 July 2013

Goodbye Korea…..Catch up NZ and Hello UK!

Our Korean stint is over.

In terms of running success it’s been fantastic….and I feel that I’m well on track to getting back to a quick marathon time! The past 6 or so weeks have been very bright. June was my biggest running month for a year and also injury free. May, I took part in 3 races, also injury free! Therefore heading back home for 5 weeks of a very busy mid-season of running I’m feeling really good!

I have signed up for the Frankfurt Marathon, end of October, that’ll be my long term focus. However, while in NZ I’m running in the Canterbury Cross Champs (my first Cross Country race since primary school days over Riccarton Racecourse). Queen Charlottle Trail Run will be another real highlight, and just what I need after a year surrounded by heavy industry! I’ve also signed in for the Taupo Half Marathon, and fingers crossed, I may get a spot into the NZ Cross Country Champs!

So leaving Korea is sort of bittersweet. We are ready to go, but it’s also hard leaving good friends. I don’t know if I’ll ever live in another place which has such accommodating, welcoming and friendly people…..especially the running community. I can’t imagine people in NZ or the UK cheering me on while I do a normal training run down the footpath! Runners build up a connection with other runners. The chap I would always see doing the same old routine each morning at 4.45am is a prime example. It’s people like that who make you appreciate why we run and why the simple act of waving, smiling or saying “good morning” is a brilliant way to start the day.

Other things I’ll miss…….Korean Banks/ATM machines – I should elaborate…..ATM’s you can wire money to you foreign bank account! Banks – super service! I’ll also miss water coolers everywhere, and free of charge! Perfect when battling on a longer run, pop into any store and top yourself up. I’ll miss pre-peeled garlic… much time of my life has been saved thanks to this outstanding idea! Side dishes, Korean restaurants love them! And lastly I’ll miss the clear and consistent seasons/weather. Just like a switch, the seasons change before your eyes. I’d read about this before but was always doubtful, but now I see, understand and marvel.

I won’t miss the weather we have had over the past 3 weeks. It’s monsoon season here. This brings hot, humid, and wet weather! As if you have just jumped out of the shower humidity, making the important things like hydration vitally important. Running has been very challenging. So the idea of running in a mild 5 – 12 degrees in Christchurch is amazing!

As school’s out for summer I’ll keep tabs on this more often! Next post will be post Canterbury Cross Country.

Cheers and cheers Korea……don’t know if I’ll see you again but it has always been swell! Thanks for looking after us!

Haman Half Marathon May 2013 2nd 

Staff Olympics Day II - Photo Scavenger Hunt (me playing musical instrument)

Korean gold!

Team Asia/Oceania at Olympics

Team Asia/Oceania with DSME (Shipbuilding company) workers. 

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