Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cutting down to the chase….

Blogs that I read always put that it’s has been a while since my last post. Since I’ve already put this in you’ll understand that it is very true so I’ll ‘cut to the chase’ and attempt to fill in the missing gaps and write about what’s on the horizon!

Firstly; Seoul Marathon

This is a IAAF Gold Road Race so it’s a big deal and one would expect it to be well organised, which it was. Around 20,000 people took part, and around 100 elite men and woman. For the share amount of people I was quite surprised how the start was, I didn’t feel swamped or overwhelmed. Everyone stayed where they were meant to be making it an easy experience.
I couldn’t say much on the course as I never really take in much else than 20 metre’s in front of me in a marathon. Mind you running into the Olympic stadium was cool, some real spring in the track! I could imagine John Campbell (2.14 marathon) and Lorraine Moller (2.37) would have felt amazed with it being full for their last 400 in the marathon.

My race unfolded really well and I can say I was stoked to come home in 2.31, for 5th place in the non-elite category. I was striving for below 2.30 but faded away in the back end of the race (the most important). However, I have to look at how the previous 4 months have gone training wise and put that into perspective. The main thing I can take is experience. While running that last 15km’s I was really focused and mentally felt strong, although the body was telling me otherwise!

From here; Jinju Half Marathon

This is on the 28th of April, then a couple of other races close to where we are that I’ll also do. These are half marathons, so I’m aiming to get that time down around 68 for the half (fingers crossed).

Looking forward;

Once time is finished here in Korea it’ll be a month long trip back to NZ, taking in some cross country, Captain Cook’s landing and Taupo half marathon (50/50). Then to the UK and I’ve been looking into an Autumn European Marathon……..very exciting and establishing myself in a club (missed the regular club fixtures)!

Some photos of Seoul, trip to Japan and a 10km in Ulsan (Korea).

Guttered to miss out on what seems to have been an incredible NZ summer!

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  1. Always enjoy checking your weblog and running records. It is a great challenge. Good luck and all the best!!