Sunday, 1 January 2012

Humble Beginnings


Really pleased to be signing off for 2011. As circumstances would have it the year could have been far worse and I count myself very fortunate. Family and friends are safe and sound, and there are plenty of exciting prospects on the horizon early into 2012.
It also ends a month of frustration, initially with my cracked Rib and now broken Collar Bone (Cycle crash), just got over the rib then the Collar Bone struck (healing really well). At  this current time I should have been training my arse off for Challenge Wanaka, not just getting back into running. However such is the way and I can safely say that I’ve enjoyed the two week layoff and feel refreshed and excited about the next few months. The decision not to compete in Challenge Wanaka was made for me and I believe that it’s a wise move. I wasn’t going to achieve much by competing and felt I’d run the risk of further injuries, which would have a major impact on my plans for the beginning of the 2012 calendar. Still really looking forward to heading down for the Challenge weekend to support Shaun (older brother, 3rd Iroman) and soak up the atmosphere from the cheap seats. Maybe even squeeze in a couple of beers if the sun comes out!
It has been a great Christmas and New Year, ready to stop the steady flow of drinks and kick start serious training. Aiming for plenty of LSD this month, no speed, just time on my feet and plenty of lazy doubles (running terms). This month will act as a springboard for the months to follow with February and March being heavy and really specific hill and speed work.
Few things in CHCH to look out for this month, Elite Road Cycling Nationals (6th, 7th and 8th) and Shoe Clinic 5km series at North Hagley, Tuesday evenings, free sausage sizzle for everyone who enters. Won’t be taking part in these this year, well not the first couple anyway. And there's the Contact Tri Series Race out at Peagsus on Sunday the 15th.

Will touch back again in a couple of weeks with progress updates and information about Shaun's build up for Challenge.

Run hard

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