Monday, 16 January 2012

Another Week

It’s great how the days seem to blur into one another when you are out of the work routine. For me now they seem to blur into particular training sessions, today was tempo and tomorrow is speed.  Thanks to all of the people who have commented or contacted me in a really positive way about this blog, I’ve been overwhelmed by the encouragement.
Slightly thwarted this week by the lack of photos I have to share. This I discovered is quite a faux pas in blogging circles as one of the ‘hot tips’ I researched before beginning was to add plenty of photos. Never mind, Rosie back tomorrow so I’ll have access to a camera but I must credit the only photo to my brother, Shaun, it’s Lyttleton Harbour below the low cloud.
Looking down onto Lyttleton Harbour (Wednesday)

Some stats from the week:

Count: 12 Activities
Distance: 169.75 km
Time: 14:16:48 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 2,892 m
Avg Speed: 12.0 km/h
Avg HR: 144 bpm
Calories: 9,257 C
Avg Elevation Gain: 234 m
Max HR: 194 bpm
Max Time: 3:09:27 h:m:s

Super pleased with the numbers from this week. The upcoming week will be slightly less distance with more emphasis on speed and tempo. This ultimately making it a challenging week but then the following week will be in recovery style. I always try to base my training around a 4 week cycle; 2 big, the first 2, 1 speed and tempo work and the final week being recovery, still running during this time but letting the body recover from what has been a big few weeks. It’s also good for freeing up some time for other things, the kind of things which can be put to the side because of not enough time or energy.

Really good motivation this week, the weather does help not that I’m a fair weather runner. This time last year I was right into training for the 100 mile race, 6 8 and some 10 hour training runs to be completed. A 3 hour run in the hills with the sun on my back doesn’t really seem like much to tackle in comparison.  Also on Saturday I went to a wedding of friends, Emma and Micah. I made dam sure that I’d completed all of the tough sessions to celebrate this occasion and get into the swing of it. It was awesome, cheers guys and congratulations!

Yes, Ironman this weekend. Heading down to Wanaka mid-week to settle in and soak up the pre-race atmosphere. On Friday night there’s the Contact Tri Series race which will be amazing. Loads of NZ’s massive Triathlon names are involved and Tony Dodds, Wanaka local and NZ Tri representative, has put up another $7000(on top of) for the winner claiming that he won’t be beaten. Love that confidence and thanks to that call it’s made it such a competitive field.  So fingers crossed I’ll get a couple of photos?
And then of course Shaun will be slogging it out on Saturday, 6.30am start at the lake. It’s going to be a wicked day of watching normal people, and a couple of professionals, achieve some amazing feats.

On Thursday evening they have a ‘carbo loading’ pasta party and Sunday a brunch style feed followed by the prize giving. Succeeding this Shaun and I have planned to celebrate, I get him seated and get the rounds in. I have also guaranteed him that if he competes in a fine Moustache I’ll purchase a set of race photos, which really highlight the achievement and Moustache, for him.
There you go sweet deal I say.

Those of you in Christchurch, well tomorrow (Tuesday) night is race 3 of the Shoe Clinic 5km series:
And on Wednesday night, in Leeston, the Ellesmere Road Runners are holding a Wednesday night run:

The weather will still be top notch I’m sure so make the most of it, look forward to detailing the Ironman next week.

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