Monday, 9 January 2012


Plenty to write about this week so I’ll try to condense it all as much as possible, think I’ll flag on a structured introduction too.

Getting through an interesting book at the moment, a narrative about an English guy attempting the complete the Spartathlon (Ultra 320km, I think, from Sparta to Athens, on the road) anyway he speaks on various things that have motivated him over time and mentions Mensen Ernst. Now not a household name but Ernst was a Norwegian who performed some pretty incredible feats of endurance in the late 19th century and all for bets. To list a few; Paris to Moscow, emulating a famous route Napoleon took.  Word spread of Ernst’s achievements and it all snowballed for him, having offers to complete all types of crazy stuff; India to Turkey and Israel to Cairo (following a famous Ottoman Empire route). This was his downfall but many believe he paved the way for Ultra experiences.  Yes there’s a point to this, rather than goodish pub story, his motto was ‘Motion is life, stagnation is death’. It was also reported that he survived the brutal extremes, Russian winter and Sahara heat, on bread and cheese, with plenty of red wine. I have no plan of recreating these exploits but would be very interested if anyone is. What cheese would you use? And you’d have to go for a Central Otago Pinot Noir, anything less would make a joke of the situation.

I’ve completed my first full week of training; here are the stats from the Garmin:
Count: 12 Activities
Distance: 146.25 km
Time: 11:57:40 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 3,014m
Avg Speed:12.2 km/h
Avg HR: 147 bpm
Calories:7,689 C   

Really really really pleased to get through the week with nearly 100 miles under the belt and no niggles. Spent some sound time up in the hills on a couple of old favourites, some of which I think showed their true feelings and punished me for being away. Woke very tired this morning but just thought about the goals for the week and that lying in bed wasn’t really going to help achieve them.

During the weekend Christchurch held the Elite Road Cycling Nationals and as per usual we turned it on. Yesterday we spent most of up on Dyres Pass Rd yelling and screaming on course. I want to mention school mate Greg Taylor and his efforts during yesterday. Greg got into the final 20, only 13 finished yesterday’s race, which is a mad effort really especially considering he outlasted many of our boys who we won’t see for a while as they head to Europe for our winter. The race works on a time behind the leader, so if you are 10 minutes behind the leader you’re gone!
Watching yesterday really highlighted the depth of NZ Cycling and the support that is shown. I also thought that the management of the event and how well all three events had been run, top job Tailwind events!
If you didn’t know about these events I suggest next year get up there, take a couple of cold ones, few picnic items, decks chairs, loads of your mates and a whistle….it’ll be awesome fun!
Also Greg rides for Wheelworks out of Wellington…check them out at  or at

Our position up the hill

Background, Shaun left and Kate right. Sadly John and his shorts didn't make this one

RIP, for now, PBR

Jesse Sergent

Think that's Michael Vink, winner, making it look very easy

Greg (black) power housing it up

Just a quick switch of codes now, to Ironman 21st of January, Wanaka As I mentioned last week I’ll be heading down to support Shaun (brother) in his 3rd Ironman and pretty fired up about it really. I haven’t seen an Ironman before so really looking forward to parking up in various positions and watching it all unfold. Shaun has had some awful luck this week, I think he said 6 punctures and another busted spoke. He gave me a call end of the week requesting a pick up from Living Springs after just have 4 punctures on a training ride….rubbish! Fingers crossed all of the bad luck is out of his system. Although he jokes that if he does get a flat his PB for changing it would be right up there with the best of them!

Going to wrap this up now, remember Shoe Clinic 5km series this Tuesday at North Hagley and this Sunday out at Pegasus for the Tri Series

Whatever you’re doing try to get out there whether it be walking, cycling, running. Leave the car at home and enjoy

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