Friday, 5 October 2012

September 2012

There comes a time and place for something to click. Sometimes it can be learning a language, a point where you just get it. No, I have not reached that stage with Korean, nor am I close. I’m talking about running again. Throughout September I ran every second day, with a couple of back to back days thrown in for good measure. I finished all of these sessions and despite a little hiccup while playing Ultimate Frisbee, I think I may be looking down that path towards, let’s say, ‘click Ville’!

So it’s with excited pleasure that I announce some September stats:

Total: 111km   Time: 11 hr 34min


It’s funny what the difference an amount of time can make. At the beginning of September I was hoping/praying that I could post something like this.  Now that I have, it builds an idea for something similar at the end of October.

Will have to wait and see, but smaller goals to achieve within the month before then!

I’ve added some running shots from Osaka, Japan. The hills surrounding the city would be a haven for runners, although I didn’t get the chance to head there I’m sure I will another time. I’m still on a diet of flat stuff. For now anyway!

Run hard
Outskirts of Osaka (runnin route down to the river)

Hankyu train....awesome!

Love the bike culture

River running route

River running route

River running route

River running route

Sapporo round...gota love the Japan brews....cheers Nods

Ok so some tourist shots here but it's hard with only one running route...this would be weekly feature

Osaka Castle

View over Osaka (concrete jungle) from Umeda Skybuilding

View from Osaka Castle

View of Kyoto

Cemetary over Kyoto (my attempt to be arty)


Kyoto backstreets

Temple Kyoto


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