Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Another Week

Well another week ticks over very quickly, and I am happy to report some more mileage.
Some very important milestones ticked off again this week.
First trail run has to be the most significant one to brag about.  It was great to get into the trails above Okpo (photos below) as they have been teasing me since arrival in August. Without getting a chance to run up there I struggled to grasp how much of a network there is. So many small little trails linked into each other with what seems to be a good four wheel drive track threading its way through some of the lower valleys, although for how long I haven't been able to work out just yet.

 Now I’ve also managed to get hold of a Garmin USB (well, a generous birthday gift!) I will be able to study some of the upcoming runs I have planned. The aim from this will be to map the trail area out. It’s already mapped, I’m not an explorer of any kind, but there’s no map you can get to guide. Not that this is a worry, quite the opposite really. While up on the trails there are some maps but they have little detail and are in Korean, which I cannot read….yet (wonder how long this will last for?)
So here are some images from my Sunday run, with the trail-head a nice 3 minute run away from home.
Here be some S T A T S too!
Avg Distance:
10.16 km
Avg Time:
51:58 h:m:s
5 Activities
50.81 km
4:19:49 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:
941 m
Avg HR:
140 bpm
3,133 C
Max HR:
170 bpm
Avg Elevation Gain:
188 m
Max Time:
1:06:13 h:m:s


Could be plenty of places, Korea though

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