Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Being currently based in Korea I thought I’d share a little bit of food related information for you. As a runner, this is always very close to my heart, the more you train, the more you get to chow down!

The particular dish I’m going to mention here is the first I tried in Korea and is still my favourite. It’s called Bibimbap. This dish is based with rice, and served steaming in a hot bowl. Layered on top are stacks of local vegetables (mushroom, carrot, spring onion (lots of others too), seaweeds, an egg and a very small portion of meat. Although most Korean dishes have meat they only eat a very small amount (unless it’s a BBQ).

Anyway you mix it all together and eat. Simple and tasty every time. There are also a variety of options you can mix into your bowl and some places even let you select what you want, with restrictions. Great to smash down after a run, yes a run, which I’ve been doing a little bit more of lately!

This week has been awesome! Two great trail runs, finding more of the local area and beginning to get some bearings in the hills. The flats seem to be treating me well also with two double days, and waking to early morning sessions with a spring in my step. Now with this in mind I’ve started to look seriously at the possibility of some racing in the middle of November. More to follow soon.

Few Stats and food pictures to wet the appetite

Avg Distance:
12.12 km
Avg Time:
1:00:59 h:m:s
7 Activities
84.83 km
7:06:51 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:
2,365 m
Avg HR:
139 bpm
4,471 C
Max HR:
172 bpm
Avg Elevation Gain:
338 m
Max Time:
1:39:38 h:m:s

Bibimbap can be served hot or cold

Mix it up and chomp it down

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