Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year

It has been bang on a year since I started this blog, and it’s fair to say that as the year went on, the posts tailed off! However, due to the lack of racing and consistent training because of injury, writing things became quite difficult.

So for the New Year I’m looking at some new goals for the blog. Keeping it brief is something I’m going to try out for the first 3 months. No need for a quirky story or background information on some place. So I’ll just focus on running and training.

 However, away from this I have just recently finished a book which is in serious need of a mention; the book is Running with the Kenyans. The book is about a journalist/free-lance writer (Runners World, Guardian and Times), who has a soft spot for running so packs up his family and heads to Iten for 6 months of training with the ultimate goal of successfully completing the Lewa Marathon. Along the way he also aims to learn as much as possible about what makes the Kenyan athletes so World Class. Initially he goes seeking something that many a reporter seeks, a one word explanation of how and what makes Kenyans such amazing athletes? But as the story progresses he understands that one thing alone doesn’t make the athlete, a variety of things do. To conclude, a very interesting read if you’re in need of a lounger for the beach or lake this summer.

My running is now, well as of this morning, back into the consistent cycle. One run doesn’t quite make it consistent but I do have a serious plan and long term target of the Seoul Marathon. There will be more to follow on this.

This morning’s run was a shock to the system as now I’m back in Korea in the depth of winter (-2 degrees). Coming from spending the past 2 and a half weeks in tropical bliss in the Philippines, running without a top and swimming at least 15 times a day, this was tough. However, the sun was shining today, making the world of difference.

So into the year with a bang! Brief and informative will be the aim on the running front!

Happy New Year!

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