Monday, 28 January 2013

Seoul Marathon Training weeks 2 and 3.5

Sitting here on a brisk (-3) Sunday morning, thinking that I should be out there, or should have finished a long 
session. However, a series of events have occurred this week which do not allow me to do so.

Incident 1: 
Towards the end of last week (training week 2), I notice a pain in the Achilles. Me being me, I decided to continue on but would ice frequently after training. Please note I did not reduce. The pain then gradually built and built until on Wednesday it got the point of no more running, and I needed to walk a long descent at the conclusion of a painful training session.

Belated response to incident 1: 
No running Thursday until today (Sunday), maybe tomorrow. Yesterday I went to the hospital to see the Doctor about the problem. Where I am in Korea there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent of sports physiotherapists (lots of Thai and Chinese traditional massage, which I’m going to this week). Anyway, off I went. The doctor’s English is very limited, although to be fair miles better than my Korean. I went in, motioned that I run, and pointed to the problem area. He felt it and said ‘injection, no run’. I was swooped off like a wailing starling to the next room, where an anti-inflammatory jab was popped into my bottom. Hold for one minute was my next instruction, and then it was further along the conveyor belt. My next stop was a large room with 20 wooden beds, set at about knee height. I was laid down and my food wrapped in a warm cloth. This was for around 20 minutes and felt very good. After this the cloth was replaced with 4 suction pads, attached to a machine that monitored time. Time was set to 15 minutes, and the pads felt very similar to ultrasound therapy. Following this a nurse came and gave the area a good old rub. So all of this totaled around one and a half hours and cost 6 New Zealand dollars! Cheers. It does feel much better today but that could be the injection still masking the pain.

Incident 2: 
Sick. Maybe to do with the cold, or a little too much running.

Response to incident 2: 
No running until I return to full health. And a strip down of my training system! Like this blog, brief. I’m going to try a less is more approach to the next 2 phases of my Seoul marathon training. Currently I’ve been looking a variety of ideas from online articles. Hopefully by mid-week I will have something in action!

Enjoy those km's!

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